A Triumph Over The Past

a Dark Comedy TV Series written by Adam Kesselhaut and Bernd Korz


BERND BRIDGES is a dark comedy about BERND, a German tech CEO with Tourette’s syndrome, a xenophobic abusive childhood, a loving family with a devoted wife he sleeps with 3 to 5 times a day, and a best friend named ADAM, a Jewish-American hit songwriter. BERND’s lovably salty personality gets him into awkward situations as he runs his company, ALUGHA, at its headquarters and around the globe.

BERND BRIDGES uses comedy to ridicule ignorance and promote the building of cultural bridges to heal wounds of the past to make a better future.



The soundtrack, written and performed by BERND BRIDGES co-creator, ADAM KESSELHAUT, adds depth to the over-the-top comedy. The soundtrack will be available worldwide as an album.


BERND BRIDGES features BERND’s real-life video streaming platform, ALUGHA, dedicated to multilingual content and added entertainment value.



Bernd feels unloved because his wife can’t reach orgasm in the 30 seconds he needs to climax when they have sex. Building ALUGHA with his son at home in Mannheim, Germany, he travels to Ireland, Mumbai, San Francisco, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Berlin, having daily video calls with his best friend, Adam. Bernd is ignorantly obsessed with his Germanness and everything he deems Jewish. The season finale resolves his marriage problems and a surprise in the discovery of his own Jewishness.