Music Videos

Welcome to the official music video hub for “Bernd Bridges” — your one-stop destination for all our bilingual tunes that not only entertain but also break the language barriers! Here, you’ll find our entire collection of music videos, each infused with the same blend of humor and heart that characterizes our TV show.

We’re proud to partner with alugha, a cutting-edge video hosting and streaming platform, to bring you a seamless bilingual experience. With alugha’s innovative language switching feature, you can enjoy our music in the language that resonates most with you, enhancing your viewing pleasure and ensuring you don’t miss a beat (or a word).

For every beat that gets your foot tapping and every lyric that speaks to your soul, there’s a story to be shared and enjoyed in multiple languages. Whether you’re here to revisit your favorite musical moments or excited to discover our latest releases, our music videos are designed to connect with you, transcending boundaries and celebrating diversity through music.

Keep an eye on this page — we update it regularly with new content so you can stay tuned to the latest rhythms and rhymes from the world of “Bernd Bridges”. Dive into our melodies and let the power of music elevate your day. Turn up the volume and get ready to experience our musical universe in full, vibrant, bilingual glory!

Our latest Christmas Song – Noelle, Noelle

Our first release: Girl Behind The Mask / Maskenfrau

Want to know more about the Song? Check our special landing page for it -> here!