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Podcast #1 – What The Show Is About

In this first episode about the show, we talk about the show itself and what the show is about.

About Bernd Bridges:
Bernd Bridges is a dark comedy laughing at the ups and downs of a real-life German tech company founder CEO named Bernd. He lives with Tourette and a backlog of childhood trauma. People in his life must negotiate his compulsions, like having sex with his beloved wife each day and saying whatever nasty things come to mind. Awkwardly hard-to-believe moments pile up as he travels the world for business. Bernd reports daily to his best friend, Adam, a Jewish American hit songwriter-producer living in Berlin who frames Bernd’s antics with introspective lyrics and heartfelt compositions.

Podcast #2 – Interview with Adam about the music in the show

A very important and elementary part of the show is the music. Bernd Bridges is unique here, because for every relevant character, every episode as well as the show itself, a song was written, composed and sung by us. In this episode, we talk about this so significant thing.