KESSELHAUT: Bridging Music and Creativity

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The music scene has a new rising star: KESSELHAUT. His latest single “WE CALL IT MAGIC” from the album “MOTHER” promises funk, groove, and a touch of unique charm. But behind this hit lies much more than just catchy melodies.

In a personal conversation, KESSELHAUT revealed that this song is a tribute to his beloved miniature schnauzer named Liebchen – affectionately called Liebe. He explained to me that in Jewish tradition, it is customary to give names in memory of departed loved ones. Adam’s parents already had a miniature schnauzer named Liebchen before he was born. When he and his brother Matt got their own puppy, the name seemed like a fitting legacy. Liebchen meant a lot to him and helped him keep a clear head during his difficult childhood.

KESSELHAUT is known for taking themes like these and turning them into cool and entertaining music. The production of the single took place in collaboration with Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics in Rödersheim, a district of Frankfurt. This label is a legend in the independent music scene, having produced artists like Motörhead, Daniel Johnston, and the Mardi Gras Brass Band.

The music video for “WE CALL IT MAGIC” captivates not only with its artistic design but also with its technical sophistication. KESSELHAUT used AI video generators to create all the footage – even finding a dog that looked remarkably similar to Liebchen. Despite labeling himself as a technophobe, he managed to create a beautiful and artistic story with stunning visuals.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there: KESSELHAUT plans to use AI in music production by overlaying my singing voice on the remix of “WE CALL IT MAGIC” and featuring it on alugha. Personally, I love the idea – anything that motivates me to make more music and develop my voice further.

Let’s not forget our collaborative work on songs for the universe of our TV show “BERND BRIDGES,” which has deepened our creative partnership.

KESSELHAUT is not just a musician; he is an artist who understands how to turn personal experiences and technical innovation into music that not only entertains but also resonates. His work shows that music is more than just sounds – it’s a story that demands to be heard and experienced.

Stay tuned for more from KESSELHAUT, the magician of the music scene.


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