Girl Behind The Mask and Maskenfrau

Bernd Bridges and Adam Kesselhaut: Blending Sitcom Shenanigans with Musical Mastery

In the world of creative endeavors, the fusion of comedy and music often births a compelling blend of laughter and rhythm that captures the hearts of audiences everywhere. Enter the dynamic duo of Bernd “Bernd Bridges” Korz and Adam Kesselhaut – two real-life friends whose camaraderie and shenanigans inspire the screenplay for an engaging sitcom.

However, this is not just another tale of friendship and fun. What makes their partnership exceptional is that one half of the pair is a gifted songwriter with an impressive resume, and the other, a relentless workaholic with a knack for building success from scratch. This perfect partnership is further solidified as they not only write, but also perform their original music.

Skeptical about their uniqueness? Let’s delve deeper. While some people may boast personal achievements like owning a house, a car, or even a boat, these two have reached milestones of a different kind.

The songwriter of the pair, Adam Kesselhaut, has penned hit tunes for celebrated artists and acts like Elaiza, Jennifer Rush, Seeed, and Peter Fox. His music has graced the Eurovision Song Contest and has been heard by billions worldwide.

Bernd “Bernd Bridges” Korz, on the other hand, champions a unique and currently unrivaled venture – a global, multilingual video platform. Pausing for a recap, we have a powerhouse songwriter, two sitcom authors, vocal talents, and a multilingual video hub. So, what’s the outcome of such a combination?

By now, it should be clear that we’re onto something rather special.

Emerging from an unreleased album, the pair, fondly known as “Kesselhaut” and “Bernd Bridges,” have crafted a standout track titled “Girl Behind the Mask,” also known as “Maskenfrau,” complete with a compelling radio-ready sound and an electrifying remix. This track, inspired by the Japan episode of their self-named series, was brought to life in the famed Bewake Studios, pulsating at the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. These studios have welcomed a multitude of talents including Nina Chuba, Kool Savas, Capital Bra, and many more.

Mastering their unique sound is none other than Mr. LuckyLoop, acclaimed for his knack for transforming recordings into phenomenal works of art.

Joining this powerhouse team is Jens Südkamp on the piano, who collaborated closely with Adam Kesselhaut on translating the lyrics while ensuring the song’s message remained intact. The production and execution were backed by a cast of seasoned professionals, each bringing their individual expertise to the mix.

On March 17th, the song made its anticipated debut on all major platforms (with the intentional exclusion of YouTube Music), available for enjoyment in both English and German. A fitting music video accompanies the release, showcasing the creative haven that is Bewake Studios.

But the project transcends mere song release; it’s an embodiment of artistry, with music being the art at its core. The duo enlisted the dark, creative vision of artist PRVNTK (pronounced PROVENTEK) to create a striking visual artwork portraying the vocal track.

As we wrap up this article and marvel at the innovative release by Bernd Bridges and Adam Kesselhaut, let’s not overlook the sitcom for which these songs were created. It’s clear that with these two at the helm, blending humor and melody, viewers and listeners are in for an experience that’s just as profound as it is entertaining.

Get the Song in German “Maskenfrau” by Bernd Bridges on Spotify or Apple Music

Get the Song in English “Girl Behind The Mask” by Kesselhaut on Spotify or Apple Music

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